Friday, November 2, 2012

Coming Soon on November

Metallic Blue Blouse with Golden Collar from Romwe

Rounded Sunglasses from Romwe

Strappy Buckle Brown Bootie from UrbanOG

These 3 items will be the part of my closet family this November, except for the shoes, because didn't ship to Indonesia so I have to wait for my friend in States to go home, which is December.. But still, I post it here because I'm super excited for that boots..
I will keep you update on my Instagram (@mmargarethink) ;)
Happy weekend.. <3

Love & Dream,


  1. Hi dear i found you on lookbook:D
    like ur style :D

    Btw would you like follow each other ? i hope you'll like my blog :D
    please let me know if you want dear :D

    1. Hai putri.. thank you so much for visiting my blog..i already visit you back and i like your post.. and i believe that you're also a shoe lover.. :D cant be more excited than finding a friend with the same hobby.. so yes, lets follow each other.. ;)

  2. I love that shirt, the collar is just perfection! and those shoes are awesome.


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