Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Touch of Happiness

I'm so happy today.. Because finally, I can hang out with my friends again (remember my super busy week)..
For today's adventure, we went to Gandaria City, a mall at South Jakarta, because we only have limited places to choose and it's not too far from our dorm.. 

So, our first destination is Nanny's Pavilion, it's a western restaurant with a very unique concept.. They have a different theme for each counter.. and in Gandaria City, they used sewing room theme.. It's so cute and yes, the food are delicious..
 Fusili with beef, prawn, and egg.. And if you notice, the fusili had 3 colors.. Very tempting right? ;)

The famous baked rice with sausage, must try this one..
Pancake with vanila ice cream, oreo cookies, and caramel sauce.. Yummy!! Very recommended!

With the one and only Wisnu Mandala , my photographer of the day :)

My super best friend Cherry Yuliana

Melissa Yaparto (also my best friend), me, Wisnu, Cherry

And now, I know you can't wait anymore, my outfit detail.. :D


Pattern Skirt - Gaudi

I had a joyful day, how about yours? Hope you enjoy it too :D


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hectic week

I'm so sorry for super late update.. I didn't mean to abandoned my blog, but last week was a very hectic week for me because I had to finish my work for my final exam and my final project presentation, and my job too..I barely had no time for myself.. Although my final presentation didn't go very well, but still, I'M FREE NOW!!! yeeaayy!!

So, to redeem my sleepless nights, I decided to go out, dressing up, take some pictures, and have fun..I'm so excited! :D

My looks today is basically to show my happiness, my independence day.. And I choose to wear my galaxy shirt and my favorite ankle boots from payless..

Galaxy shirt - Upper Rack 
Denim short - Hongkong
Ankle Boots - Payless Shoe Store

Special thanks to my photographer friend Kadek Satria for the beautiful pictures.. :)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Behind the Scene

Finallyy!! I have my own blog..!!! 

I love writing and always want to make a blog since I was in junior high school (yeah..its a very long long time ago), but I didn't have the confidence to start writing..

But hey.. Here I am.. Writing my first post.. I'm sooo excited! X))

Well, just like other designers, I get my inspirations by a unique-silly-crazy ways (you can imagine them as wild as your brain speak ;D)
Based on that, Margarethink also born with an unexpected way, the name just POP! into my brain when I watched Dark Shadow (maybe it's because of the mighty Johnny Depp LOL)..
Later on, after thinking about the name deeper, Margarethink itself means my writing, my thoughts, and me.. 

Margarethink is everything about my dreams, my life, and my style..

And last but not least, I really want to thank Oline , Ario , and Clara for encouraging me to create this.. I know it's kinda late, but its better than never right?

So, see you on my next post.. :)