Sunday, July 29, 2012

81 and 80

Yesterday was my grandparents birthday celebration with the all Chinese theme..
Everybody was so excited, including me..Because in a big party like this, all of my cousins and relatives would come to Jakarta and I can finally meet them.. :D
These are some moments captured..

This are my beautiful cousins and beside me is my little sister..

I wore this lovely pink dress which is the dress code for all the granddaughters and I designed it myself..  I wore it with my Zara heels and a little color touch by my New Look clutch..
About my hair, I decided to make a bun with a hair accessories..


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

There are 2 important things happened today..
First is the time to use our voice as a citizen.. yep! It's the election time, to choose our governor.. Let's hope the best representative win.. :)

And second, the most important thing.. today is my SUPER MOM'S BIRTHDAY.. yaaaayyy!!!!
What can be better than a day off to celebrate your mom's birthday? It's been a long time since our last family vacation.. I feel like the whole country is supporting us for having a family time.. XD

So, as my mom wish for, we run away from the chaotic Jakarta and went to Bogor..

I wear this fabulous flower maxi skirt that belong to my grandmother, until she passed it to me.. and yes, the skirt is older than me.. hehehe
I mix it with my Marks & Spencer top and Decimal Shoes boots.. Oh! and the bag, it was from my mom,she bought it when she went to Europe.. :)
Well, I never wear a maxi skirt before, so what do you thing? :)

Special thanks to my photographer of the day, Jose Jong.. :)


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Food Frenzy

It was started from a spontaneous idea and our passion in food, my friend and I begun our food hunting in Jakarta.. We chose South Jakarta (Next time, we will go to North Jakarta, where according to people is also a great place for food)..
First we went to Beautika Restaurant, which is famous for it's Manado cuisines (I don't know if it's a breakfast or lunch because we had it at 11 am)

From top : sate Marlin (Marlin fish) ,pecel cakalang, sambal roa (roa fish), Rica Rodo (vegetable), beef with rica-rica sauce, chicken with ternate sauce

We ordered all this food by the recommendation from my friend, Melissa, who had studied in Manado. Oh just for information, all of Manado cuisines are spicy.. From 1 to 10, I say it's 7.. and from all the food we'd eaten, the best dish is sapi rica-rica (beef with spicy sauce).. :)

After that, its Dessert time! yeah, my favourite part.. :D
We had our delicious desserts at The Cheesecake Factory on Darmawangsa street..

The most recommended is their cheesecake, of course. Melissa, the one that holding the plate, ordered the recommended dish.  There's also the famous Red velvet, ordered by Kadek (the only guy in the picture)..  Me, my self, ordered an ice cream because it's more refreshing..

After dessert, before we go to the next restaurant, we stop by at a book store, Aksara on Kemang to give our tummy a break, if not it will explode.. lol

With our half empty tummy, we went to the next place, Hamptons Cafe.. The design is inspired by New York's Hamptons (which is really obvious, haha).. It's super cozy and perfect for relaxing..
They have many kind of tea and cake, such as macaroons, cream brulee..

Our last stop is Pepenero, Italian Cuisine Restaurant.. All the menus are in Italian, but the descriptions are in English.. So,nothing to worry about.. ;)

The pasta and pizza are very delicious!! Oh!! I forgot to tell you that they also serve pork.. yepp! Pork! So, if you are a pork lovers, you should try this restaurant.. :D

This is my food adventure, hope you enjoy it.. ;)
see you on my next adventure..


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rollercoaster Life

I had a tough days lately, after I went back home (I lived at my univ dorm before), and well, sometimes things didn't go just like we plan, right?
Bad mood was my friend until today.. When I woke up, suddenly this words crossed my mind, "life is about enjoying everything on it, even when the storm comes"
So, I jumped from my bed, and get ready to fill my day with cheerful things.. :D

Colors are a perfect mood booster (after chocolates of course hehe) that's why I choose my Zara blazer, I got it as a birthday present from my cousin last March, pink short, and my new flat shoes.. I hope they match well.. What do you thing? :)

Green Blazer - Zara
Zebra Shirt - Zara
Pink Short - N.y.L.a
Flatshoes - Thelittlethingsheneed 

Special thanks to my photographer, Jose Jong for taking the pictures.. <3