Thursday, January 21, 2016

What A Girl Wants | First Giveaway!

Have you heard about an online store called I believe many of you already know this brand, but for you who still have no idea about it, let me give you a short introduction.. ;)
BornPrettyStore is a complete online store ever and very famous among bloggers and vloggers.. They literally have everything from head-to-toe, both fashion and beauty essentials.. You can go to their website and I'm sure you will have a panic buying syndrome because the prices are reasonable and the quality of the products is very good.. Not to forget they have a free shipping worldwide WITHOUT minimum purchase..

What I have here is one of their favorite beauty product, a box of 10 mini colorful lipsticks! As you can see from the swatch above, the colors are amazingly pretty! These are a semi-matte lipsticks which very easy to apply.. I tried to do the longevity test and I'm quite surprise with the outcome, I didn't have to retouch it for 5 hours (I didn't eat, only drink).. I also tested it when I eat and some part was erased a bit but I can still see the color, so it's a personal choice whether you want to re-apply it or not.. One more thing, with their long-lasting color, I was expecting that my lip will become dry but   I was wrong.. These little cute fellas will definitely joining my go-to-make up pouch, since they're very tiny.. <3

. . . . . . . . GIVEAWAY TIME . . . . . . . . .

So to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's day, Margarethink has teamed up with BornPrettyStore to do my first giveaway.. One lucky winner will stand a chance to win:

1 Box BornPrettyStore Lipstick, with 10 mini lipsticks inside

To enter this giveaway:
1. You must first register on (don't worry it's free)
2. Follow Margarethink via Bloglovin' here
3. Leave a comment with your name and registered email address on BornPrettyStore below

The giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY and the winner will be chosen randomly..
This giveaway will be closed on February 9th, 2016 and I'll announce the winner on February 10th, 2016


You can also use my voucher code, MAKEK31 to get 10% discount, I already put the banner on the  left side of the blog..

Love & Dream,

Friday, January 15, 2016

Holiday on Holiday

I just went back to Jakarta after spending a whole week in Bali for holiday.. Yes, I've been going back and forth to Bali since my mother opened a gallery in Ubud, Bali (more update on my IG @mmargarethink).. But the reason why I want to share my latest visit there is because I had a totally different experience this time..
My goal when I booked a flight was to relaxed myself, away from the big crowded city.. And to be able to do that, my plan was NO PLAN.. I have some friends living on a different areas of Bali and they helped me a lot to actualize the idea.. I didn't booked a car or driver, I didn't have any exact itinerary, only a list of beaches I wanted to visit, I only booked one hotel, and that's when my journey began..

I arrived in Bali around 09.30 am, went straight to Ubud with my uncle, spent the night at my mom's gallery.. Nothing special on the first and a half day.. My friend picked me up at 2pm, we went to Candidasa Beach in Karangasem because I had never been there before.. On the way there, while we're talking, he reminded me to relax, forget all the chop-chop-quick-here-there things because we're on the island now.. I was truly aware of the fact that I'm still on the big city brain mode.. Anyhow, we decided to spend a night there because I wanted to catch the sunset.. We found this hotel called The Bayshore with small infinity pool facing the ocean and the prize was cheap too, perfect! We can't wait any longer so after a quick change, we jumped into the swimming pool and the sea, enjoying every second of it.. Then the sun started to set, and oh it's so beautiful!

The next morning, the sky was clear and sunny, we took a last dip before check out.. Then we go to Nusa Dua, to my hotel, the only hotel that I booked from Jakarta.. Then we went to The Bay, a new complex with a restaurants and everything, of course facing the ocean.. This was also my first time there and the good thing about it, we can just order food or drinks (no minimum order) then we can use their swimming pool and the beach, good deal right? So we swim (again) for awhile and after knowing that the sun was set behind us, we went back to the hotel..
That night, I met with my university friends, who happened to be having a holiday too in Bali, another unexpected things.. We had drinks at Potato Beach Club, a little catching up moment, then went back to the hotel..

I started my fourth day in Dreamland Beach in Uluwatu, the beach is famous for its waves, either for swimming or surfing.. I didn't take a swim at that time because the weather was super hot, I already got a sunburn and didn't want to make it worse so I just sit there and relax, watching my friend surf.. We had a plan about watching the sunset on the harbor because he wanted to shot something for his short movie.. I was a bit disappointed when he said we probably couldn't make it there because he surf too long.. But I insisted to try, just because I really want to go somewhere out of the ordinary.. Thank God we could make it to Benoa Harbour on time! We shot here and there until the sun slowly starting to set, another perfect view.. This place is recommended for you, but it will be better if you go with your friends (especially if you're a girl) and don't stay there until dark..
We ended the day with a delicious seafood dinner in Jimbaran.. Perfecto!

On the fifth day, I went to Komune Beach Club, spending literally the whole day there alone since my friend had to finish his work.. One thing you should know that they have the new regulation, if you stay at the hotel, you can use the pool and all facilities for free, but if you're just a guess, you can use those with a minimum F&B order of 500.000IDR, quite expensive so I suggest you to come with friends because it is worth to visit.. The sea is full of corals and the sand is bit rocky so you can't swim there, the waves are great for advance level surfers.. The sun set on the right side of the swimming pool, but you get this cotton candy purple sky instead.. 

Two days before flying back home, I joined my university friends, following their plan since I had no plan at all for the day.. We went to Blue Point Beach in Uluwatu, swimming, then went to Dreamland Beach (again), this time I couldn't resist not to take a dip, I mean the weather was nice, not as sunny as before, the water sparkling.. So I jumped and swim, which make me super tanned right now.. :P
But the unforgettable moment was happened during our visit to Pura Besakih, the biggest temple in Bali.. I didn't plan to go to any temple before so I didn't pack any "appropriate" outfit.. Thankfully my university friend who also born and live in Bali has plenty of Balinese outfit, she helped styling us with a traditional one.. Another first! We went to the temple by car, it took 2 hours of driving.. The location was magical!! I got goosebumps and I knew I made the right choice by joining my friends..

Overall, I'm super happy with this trip, I fulfilled my goal, I got totally relax and enjoy my stay there since day 3.. It's very funny when you let your self go with the wind, be spontaneous, you can learn many new things, even finding the answer for your questions about life..

Sorry for the super long post.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.. ;*

Love & Dream,

Friday, January 1, 2016


Velvet Dress: H&M x Balmain

First post in 2016!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers! It's been a wonderful roller coaster ride last year.. Thank you for staying and keep reading Margarethink, also supporting me throughout the year.. I'm fully aware of the fact that I didn't post many things last year due to the highly amount of works I had.. But from now on, I will post more every month, not only for you but also because of the reason why I started this blog.. This is the commitment that I decided to take..
Well, talking about commitment, I already made my 2016 resolutions list, different from last year, this year I wrote a specific ones so that I will know which way to go to achieve my goals, some of them are about health, self awareness, and future.. I'm nervous yet very excited to see what will happen on the following 366 days.. How about you? What are your highlighted new year resolutions? Share it with me on the comment below.. ;)
Cheers to more adventures and positive things ahead! Once again, Happy New Year! ;*

Love & Dream,