Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Java Twist Fashion Show

Finally I have time to post the Java Twist event by Batik Tembayat.. The event went perfect.. We started with a talk show and ended it with fashion show.. These are some moment captured.. Enjoy :)

Talk show with Gina Sutono - owner of Batik Tembayat

They have 2 kind of collections, Stamp Batik which are made to a modern casual clothes and Hand-writing Batik which are made to a modern version of Kebaya.. First to came out is the stamp batik, followed by the hand-writing batik..

The Finale - from left : Siu Bie (fashion designer) and Gina Sutono
As you can see, all of the collections are made for the young generation so we can wear a traditional Batik with a modern touch without any concern about looking old fashion or boring.. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab one Batik and wear it.. :D



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