Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Break

Abandoned my blog for a month was not something that I'm proud of.. And I have no better reason besides my 24/7 job.. If you asked me, I do like my job but last month I felt like I need to balance my life and lost my mood of everything.. I'm truly sorry for that and I will try my hardest to keep this blog updated.. :)

Talking about updating, we're in the middle of Summer right now, some of you maybe still enjoying your summer holiday, as for me, holiday is almost over.. It's not a sad news though, because I had a great time with my family this holiday.. We spent a whole week in one of Indonesia's paradise called Bali.. These shoots were taken at Abi Bali Resort, Jimbaran..

Dress: Stradivarius | Floppy hat: Mark & Spencers Bali | Sandal: VNC

Will be posting more about my vacation in Bali.. So stay tune.. ;)

Love & Dream,

Photographed by Theresia D


  1. so pretty! <3

  2. Inlove with your hat <3
    Welcome back!


  3. Such a nice summer look hun! Love the blues~ I've always wanted to visit Bali, heard it's a beautiful (and seen through pics haha) place and also really peaceful and nice! Can't wait to see more pics! X

    Chic Nikkie

  4. That place looks so peaceful! Don't worry, we all need a break sometimes! I'm dreading going back to school. uggh!

  5. like ur hat and u look so good :)


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