Friday, January 1, 2016


Velvet Dress: H&M x Balmain

First post in 2016!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers! It's been a wonderful roller coaster ride last year.. Thank you for staying and keep reading Margarethink, also supporting me throughout the year.. I'm fully aware of the fact that I didn't post many things last year due to the highly amount of works I had.. But from now on, I will post more every month, not only for you but also because of the reason why I started this blog.. This is the commitment that I decided to take..
Well, talking about commitment, I already made my 2016 resolutions list, different from last year, this year I wrote a specific ones so that I will know which way to go to achieve my goals, some of them are about health, self awareness, and future.. I'm nervous yet very excited to see what will happen on the following 366 days.. How about you? What are your highlighted new year resolutions? Share it with me on the comment below.. ;)
Cheers to more adventures and positive things ahead! Once again, Happy New Year! ;*

Love & Dream,


  1. gorgeous dress!
    happy new year


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