Thursday, June 7, 2012

Behind the Scene

Finallyy!! I have my own blog..!!! 

I love writing and always want to make a blog since I was in junior high school (yeah..its a very long long time ago), but I didn't have the confidence to start writing..

But hey.. Here I am.. Writing my first post.. I'm sooo excited! X))

Well, just like other designers, I get my inspirations by a unique-silly-crazy ways (you can imagine them as wild as your brain speak ;D)
Based on that, Margarethink also born with an unexpected way, the name just POP! into my brain when I watched Dark Shadow (maybe it's because of the mighty Johnny Depp LOL)..
Later on, after thinking about the name deeper, Margarethink itself means my writing, my thoughts, and me.. 

Margarethink is everything about my dreams, my life, and my style..

And last but not least, I really want to thank Oline , Ario , and Clara for encouraging me to create this.. I know it's kinda late, but its better than never right?

So, see you on my next post.. :)



  1. Congrats to your blog dear! I blogged over a year on Facebook till i did this final step too in july :) I wish you all the best!

    1. Hai Evaa... We meet again here.. thank you so much for visiting my blog.. I already visit your blog too.. hope we can continue blogging and maybe someday we can meet each other.. :D


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