Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

There are 2 important things happened today..
First is the time to use our voice as a citizen.. yep! It's the election time, to choose our governor.. Let's hope the best representative win.. :)

And second, the most important thing.. today is my SUPER MOM'S BIRTHDAY.. yaaaayyy!!!!
What can be better than a day off to celebrate your mom's birthday? It's been a long time since our last family vacation.. I feel like the whole country is supporting us for having a family time.. XD

So, as my mom wish for, we run away from the chaotic Jakarta and went to Bogor..

I wear this fabulous flower maxi skirt that belong to my grandmother, until she passed it to me.. and yes, the skirt is older than me.. hehehe
I mix it with my Marks & Spencer top and Decimal Shoes boots.. Oh! and the bag, it was from my mom,she bought it when she went to Europe.. :)
Well, I never wear a maxi skirt before, so what do you thing? :)

Special thanks to my photographer of the day, Jose Jong.. :)



  1. gretaaaa,,
    kamu punya blog skrg? aku link yaaa.. :)
    cantik bgt gret foto2 lu. fashionable bgt ;)

    1. Iya dit..hehehe
      boleh2 link ajaa.. uda follow? :D
      thx ditaaaa ;*


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