Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rollercoaster Life

I had a tough days lately, after I went back home (I lived at my univ dorm before), and well, sometimes things didn't go just like we plan, right?
Bad mood was my friend until today.. When I woke up, suddenly this words crossed my mind, "life is about enjoying everything on it, even when the storm comes"
So, I jumped from my bed, and get ready to fill my day with cheerful things.. :D

Colors are a perfect mood booster (after chocolates of course hehe) that's why I choose my Zara blazer, I got it as a birthday present from my cousin last March, pink short, and my new flat shoes.. I hope they match well.. What do you thing? :)

Green Blazer - Zara
Zebra Shirt - Zara
Pink Short - N.y.L.a
Flatshoes - Thelittlethingsheneed 

Special thanks to my photographer, Jose Jong for taking the pictures.. <3

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