Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The New York Fashion Week Contest

New York Fashion Week, the biggest event of the year and it is my dream to go.. I missed the opportunity to go there once, by not attending Fimela.com contest.. But now, I have a chance by attending Lookbook.nu x Dreamdowntown Hotel contest.. So, without any hesitation, I enter the contest, because second chance doesn't always come everyday, right?
And I will be very happy if you can help me vote my look, by hyping or post a comment.. Thank you so so muucchhh!!! ;*

Love & Dream,


  1. Goodluck! :)

    xx, Edda

  2. Hey there :D Found your blog through WhatIWear. Goodluck for the competition! Hope you'll be able to go for New York Fashion Week.

    xx Mandy

  3. Hi I follow you now come back to my blog :) Ciao


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