Friday, November 29, 2013

Thank God It's Friday

"It's not a happy people who are thankful.. It's thankful people who are happy"

Jumper: Romwe | Skirt: Mom's gift | Boots: UrbanOG

There are so many things in the world to be thankful for.. From the simple one to the biggest thing.. For me, I'm really thankful for my family and friends, my job, my life and the adventures for 22 years, and last but not least is this blog and of course you, my readers.. Without one of them, I don't think that I can stand right here, right now.. I know I'm not perfect but I'm trying to change and discover myself even more, little by little.. :)

Love & Dream,


  1. Nice stockings :) and I agree with the quote that you stated in the beginning of your post. We have to always be thankful for the little things :)

    xx Mandy

  2. Such a great quote at the beginning of the post...definitely something to remember!
    As for your outfit, it is seriously so cute! I especially love that tiger sweater!

  3. Good article. Ive just forwarded the link to my buddy|.
    jeux de reflexion

  4. Love the blog!!!
    Started following your blog via GFC, would you like to follow me?



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