Friday, February 26, 2016

Land and Ocean

Location: Candi Dasa Beach, Karangasem, Bali
Dress: Stradivarius

Do you ever feel like you have so many things to do yet because of your panic mind, you won't be able to do anything and just sit blankly on the floor?

I did..
A couple days ago, I had this panic syndrome due to all the things that I have to prepare and finish at the same time (read my previous post).. It's not like I do something I don't like but more of a temporary confusion about what I should do next, this or that, kinda situation.. I'm trying to enjoy every process of it until now but at that time my mind just went blank..
It happened quite awhile but I also realize the clock is not stopping and I have to get back on track because March is only a few days away, means my deadlines are getting closer..

I know when you read the headline of this post, you won't expect this kind of story.. Nevertheless I 'm aware of the fact that I rarely write something emotional / personal in my posts.. So today, I decided to open myself a bit to you, my readers and share more because I believe we are all human, maybe many of you have been through a situation similar to mine..

So, how to put yourself back together?
The easy answer will be, book a ticket and just take a vacation.. In reality, it's not easy to do that, especially if you have a full-time job like me.. I do recommend you to plan a holiday at least for the upcoming 3-6 months because not only the ticket price will be cheaper, you have more time to do the itinerary and save more money, but also the excitement of having an upcoming trip will help decrease your stress level..
My second advice is remember your goals.. Stress can be caused by many things, such as family problem, failed plans, wrong decisions, etc.. So instead of focusing on those negative things and getting deeper to depression, it will be much better to focus on your life goals, reviewing your future plans, and keep moving forward.. That way, you will able to get back to your feet and slowly forgetting your cause of stress..
If those two didn't work out, the last option is find someone close to you and you trust, then spill everything out.. I know for some introvert people, it's hard to share your feelings but I encourage you to at least talk to someone, for example your mom, sister, best friends, or even your boyfriend, anyone you trust.. They don't have to give you advice because the main purpose is to release your tension by sharing it.. You can't handle all your problems alone or you will explode..

There are many other things to do when you're stressed out, and it will be a super looonnggg post if I write it down one by one, just remember the most important things is to loosen up a bit and of course eat a bowl full of ice cream (Yes, I feel you girls! :P ).. Now, I'm already back on my track, ready to continue, and share my situation in this post.. So, how bout you? Do you have any specific things to do under that circumstances? Share with me.. :)

Love & Dream,


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  2. Beautiful photos, and post :)

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  3. thank you for sharing, I also got some panic syndrome and end up crying T_T but luckily I've some friends who can help me out from that kind situation.
    btw love your dress dear ♥

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  4. Wonderful pictures!

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